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Escape To Cadrius

Life and Philosophy in a Distant Future

In the year 2092, Destiny's father is arrested for treason, turning her world upside down. Destiny and her servant, Savannah, are forced to flee their home, embarking on a journey across a desolate, dystopian landscape. Uncertain of what awaits them on the other side due to the false propaganda they've been fed, they encounter Vincent and Magnus, who are fleeing economic devastation and starvation. At the border, will they be welcomed or compelled to return to a life of hardship and struggle?

These characters face unexpected challenges, pushing them to learn new ways of thinking about the world and their roles within it. As they navigate the contrasting societies of Zondus and Cadrius, the story underscores the importance of courage to challenge societal norms and the imperative of building a better world for all.

Transport your imagination to the year 2092. The world has been reshaped by artificial intelligence and robots. While some nations have descended into economic and social ruin, characterized by widespread unemployment and societal upheaval, a few have discovered paths to prosperity. This novella offers a thought-provoking exploration of social and ethical systems and their profound influence on our long-term future. Can courage, equality, and justice truly make a difference in a dystopian society?

Readers will undoubtedly find themselves captivated by the story's exploration of ethical values, social inequalities, and the potential for positive change. The narrative delves into themes that resonate with readers of all ages, igniting introspection and discussions about justice, equality, and the significance of critical thinking.

The city of Novora.
Author Larry Haley

About the Author

Meet Larry Haley, a retired information technology professional whose passion lies in exploring the intersecting realms of technology, ethics, and philosophy, and their profound impact on society's challenges. Larry found himself drawn to problems in the news that ignited his creativity. Thus, "Escape to Cadrius" was born.

Join Larry Haley on an enthralling exploration of contrasting societies and the enlightening possibilities that emerge when we challenge conventional norms. "Escape to Cadrius" is not just a story; it's an opportunity to reflect, envision, and delve into a world where imagination meets reality.

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